5 Tips For Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower!

November 8, 2020

Dear Maid Of Honor!

One of your most important tasks is planning the bridal shower! You know the bride best, and it’s up to you to plan a wonderful night for the bride! Traditionally, a bridal shower is a day time, female-only event in celebration of the bride’s upcoming marriage! However, in modern days bridal showers have evolved to include many new concepts and fun activities. And now, it’s up to you to plan one! We’re writing down these tips for you to make your planning a little bit easier!

1.Make sure you discuss with the bride what she likes!


Talk to the bride and ask her what her preferences are for her bridal shower. It can still be a surprise, but it’s good to at least be going in the right direction! What if she wants a quiet games night with friends instead of a night out? Or what if she wants to go on a weekend trip with her closest friends? It’s always important to ask the bride for her preference, to make sure that no one is disappointed on the day of the bridal shower!


2.Got a location? Book early and confirm twice!


You don’t want to turn up at your chosen location on the day to decorate and discover that the booking hadn’t been confirmed properly or there was a double booking! Double check twice and call them in advance to check that everything you booked, whether it was a restaurant, a villa or anything else, has been booked and is ready for you!

3.Make sure all the Bride’s closest friends are there!


Chat with the bride and see who she wants at her bridal shower! It’s important that her friends, even the ones you don’t know so much about, are there! She could have school friends, work colleagues or relatives that she wants to invite, so make sure you make a proper guest list. Also, make sure to speak to everyone in advance and make sure they will be on their best behaviour!

4.Decide on a theme, dress code & budget.


Bridal showers are always more fun if they have a theme and games organised! As organiser-in-chief, all this is up to you so make sure it’s perfect! Pinterest is probably your best source for inspiration so go and have a browse.  Once you have a theme and dress code, pick a budget. It’s okay to ask the other attendees to pool in for the bridal shower decorations, cake, food, drinks and games!


5.Be ready to be a hostess!


On the day, it’s up to you to be the hostess and make sure everything runs smoothly. Have fun, but be alert and make sure everything is going to plan. Make sure the bride is having a great time, and (if she’s drinking) make sure the hangover isn’t going to be too bad! It’s common that the groom will also have his bachelor party on this day, so don’t be surprised if the boys turn up out of the blue (it’s been known to happen!). Be prepared for anything, and stay calm if something goes wrong!



That’s it! Have fun planning, and make sure the bride has a day/night that she won’t forget!


Rochelle Gamage

Maid Of Honor

Chamari Perera


Residence by Uga Escapes, Sri Lanka


Nadun Baduge