October 9, 2020

Chat With The Bride: The lovely Chathumi

As a part of our bridal series, we spoke to Chathumi about her experiences at her wedding! Check out her answers below.

How early did you start planning?

We started planning our wedding exactly a year before.

What was the most important?

One of the first things we did was book a photographer of our choice. To us the most important was to find a photographer who would actually understand the concept of what we were going for as a couple because looking back, the pictures would be all that we'll be left with.

What do you wish you knew before?

Wedding planning is stressful as it is but its also a once in a life time moment you experience and tend to want it all. Always stick to a budget that you can afford and learn to compromise. It goes a long way!

What was your favourite Memory?

Enjoy each moment from day one of planning and share them with people that matter the most to you. Document them if possible. Moments on your big day is an effort of many put together, a memory you will carry for a lifetime.

What would you tell other brides who are getting married?

Deco, music, makeup, flowers everything are important parts to make your big day beautiful as you dream of but looking back at your pictures, you will realise how glad you are to spend a little more on your photographer.

We‘ll be talking to a different bride every week so stay tuned for more!