October 14, 2020

4 Reasons you should have a Pre Wedding Shoot!

A Pre-wedding shoot is a photoshoot that you and your fiancé have with your chosen wedding photographer in a casual setting before your wedding day. Your pre shoot can be as casual or as elaborate and elegant as you‘d like!

Is a photoshoot before your wedding necessary? This is a question you may be asking yourself, so below you will find 4 reasons why we think you definitely should have a pre-wedding shoot! Just like when you are choosing the cake for your wedding, you get a trial run! Consider an engagement shoot like a trial run with the photographer you have chosen.

1.    It will help you get used to the photographer and make sure there isn’t any awkwardness.


Pre-wedding shoots will help you get comfortable around the photographer you have chosen, meaning that the pictures and photoshoots on your actual wedding day will go much smoother! It is also a chance for the photographer to get to know the couple, their angles and their general reactions in front of the camera. It’s totally normal for there to be a bit of discomfort in front of a professional camera, which is why it is ideal to have an engagement shoot be done beforehand! It’ll also be easier to work with the photographer on the wedding day when you know his style of picture taking.

2.    It will help you learn how to pose in front of the camera


Even though you and your partner may have 1000’s of photos and selfies together, standing in front of a professional photographer is different. During a pre wedding shoot, the photographer and the couple can discuss together which poses and angles are the most suited for the couple. On your wedding day, you will be more confident posing for the official photographs.

3.    It will help bring out the chemistry in the couple


Regardless of if you have been together for years and you’re super comfortable around each other, you’ll still probably be really nervous on your wedding day!  As such, if you have a pre wedding shoot, and taking the first two points into consideration, you will be comfortable with your partner in front of the camera, as well as with the photographer. This will help bring out the natural chemistry and intimacy that the couple has, which will make the wedding shoot that much more comfortable.

4.    It will capture a very important time in your lives!


You are about to go through a big transition! Getting married is a big and very special step. 

As your chosen photography team, it is important to us that you are comfortable and all your wishes have been communicated and met before your wedding day.

Having an extra set of beautiful pictures to look back on, especially in a few years, will definitely bring back wonderful memories.

Last but not least, why wouldn’t you want extra pictures of you and your boo to look back on?

Having a pre-wedding shoot means you’ll have an extra set of beautiful photographs of you and your partner, taken in a different environment and location as your wedding! 

Plus, you can use your pre-wedding photographs before your wedding too!

(For example, on invitations or even just to show off your love on social media!). 


We often get feedback from coupleS we work with, that having a pre-wedding shoot was one of the best decisions they made!