Our Top Honeymoon Destinations!

November 30, 2020

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming Wedding! As excited as you are to plan your wedding, you’re probably super excited to plan your honeymoon as well!


Below is a list of our top destinations to travel to on your honeymoon. (Hopefully, you can travel as soon as we are allowed to again!)

The Maldives


The Maldives has always been a top Honeymoon destination for couples around the world. There are literally 1000’s of resorts and islands you can choose from for the perfect getaway!

The best part about travelling to the Maldives is that it can be as pricey or as budget friendly as you need it to be, without compromising on the quality of your holiday and the beauty of your surroundings. With crystal clear water and pearly white beaches everywhere you look, the Maldives is definitely a destination you should look into! Especially since it’s the closest island to Sri Lanka.



We do not mean Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or Jakarta! (However, if those are places you want to visit, go for it!) Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia are all surrounded by beautiful island destinations. Think Borneo, Koh Samui or Bali! With just a bit of research, you’ll find the perfect holiday destination on one of these islands. The best part is, most of them are light on your wallet! If you are budget conscious, we definitely recommend you travel to one of these islands on your honeymoon. You will get plenty of sun, relaxation, and most importantly, GOOD FOOD!

Italy or Paris


Gosh, don’t we all dream of a beautiful Italian or French adventure? There is nothing more romantic than a trip to the city of love, Paris, or the Eternal city, Rome. Having croissants near the Eiffel Tour, or driving a moped around the Colosseum is the perfect European Honeymoon adventure.  Don’t forget, both France and Italy have other beautiful cities… you can visit Lyon, Marseille, Nice or Toulouse in France, or Venice, Florence or Milan in Italy. There are endless options!

African Safari


Do us a favour and google ‘Giraffe Manor’ right now! What a dream right? The African Continent is the perfect destination if you and your partner love the outdoors!  Recreate your own little Disney’s Lion King while out on a safari in some of the most beautiful and diverse wildlife in the world. Botswana and Kenya are among the most popular destinations, but there’s so much more to see and explore!

The Seychelles


Right down the road from Africa, and closer to us in Sri Lanka is the Seychelles! Seychelles is right up there on the same list as the Maldives when it comes to top honeymoon destinations. 

If you’re looking for calm, relaxed and peaceful, this is the perfect destination for you and your boo!

There’s plenty more to choose from, depending on your interests. However, the above list is a compilation of our favourites!